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Complete blood work panel and Functional Medicine tests such as IgG food allergy testing, IgE Food Allergy testing, Heavy Metals tests, Organic Acid test(OAT), GI map, and Hormone studies.

 Most brands of Nutritional Supplements   are available at a discounted rate

    Detoxification of mold, metals such mercury and lead, neurotoxins with Cellular Detoxification.

Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment

  Get Rapid Relief from  the pain from this Disabling dis-ease.  Sharon looks deep into its root causes.  She will work with you and listen to what your body is screaming for us to hear.  Sharon will get to the root cause of your pain, insomnia, and even depression from this terrible condition. Sharon has an innovative 

cellular detoxification 

protocol. Often toxicity is in every cell.


Weight Loss Coaching

Often times there's a core reason that your not able to lose weight no matter what you do. It could be Hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, stress, even gut permeability.  Let Sharon look into these root causes and help you to remove those barriers.  Its not easy to do this alone.  Sharon will be with you all the way with frequent sessions, phone calls and  food shopping trips.

You'll get a Body balancing diet, life style changes, and natural supplements to decrease appetite and increase your metabolism.  


Autoimmune Disease

Sharon specializes in these diseases because of her long struggles with this condition. It effected her weight, she was sick all the time, and it impaired her life.

Sharon learned to look deep into the root causes of her condition. She formulated a cellular detoxification protocol because the root cause may be toxicity in every cell.  She found often times inflammation starts in the Gut.  With corrections in her diet and with target supplements she brought her gut back into alignment. Her weight became easier to manage and she stopped getting sick all the time.   Let her help you. 

Illness from Toxins:

Mold Illness,CIRS, Biotoxin illness Chronic infections(sinus), Lyme Disease, Allergies, depression, Hair Loss, Insomnia, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hormonal Imbalances and skin diseases.

Cellular Detoxification, Lymph, liver kidney ,and skin


Manage Your Condition 

Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer

Life Extension Therapies

 Consultation: $135.00 allow 1 hour

follow-up consultations: $135.00 allow to 1 hour

free 20 minute  initial consultation

office visit, zoom, skype,Facetime,Whatsapp,phone

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